Red London was created with the purpose of informing and discussing worthy news and talking points about Arsenal football club.

The site was introduced on August 8, 2007 as Arsenal SPOT but went through a name change and slight modification almost two years later on July 14, 2009 to become what it is today.


The content of this site is managed by Randy Osae, a devoted fan of Arsenal FC who began supporting the club during the golden days of Tony Adams, Dennis Bergkamp, and Thierry Henry.

He enjoys playing, watching and writing about the beautiful game.


A majority of articles published on Red London are meant to be informative while the rest are based on opinion or for the sake of entertaining readers.


Red London reserves the right to display any third party advertisement or features but not at the expense of distracting readers from its purpose.

All comments are the opinions of the individual, and do not represent the views of Red London or any of the respective contributors.

Red London does not take responsibility for any content on any websites linked to Red London.

Red London is in no way affiliated with Arsenal Football Club PLC.

All articles are copyright of Red London – unless stated otherwise


Special thanks to Alex Zimmerman for designing Red London’s logo.

© Red London – 2007-2014 – All rights reserved

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