Thierry Henry speaks on new Arsenal transfer

sanchez signs

The excitement over Alexis Sanchez’s Arsenal transfer is so universal that even Thierry Henry is jumping for joy.

Critics had suggested that the Chile star’s arrival was to replace Lukas Podolski but Arsenal’s German’s star has welcomed Sanchez with open arms.

6 thoughts on “Thierry Henry speaks on new Arsenal transfer

  1. Where have you been, Hafiju? Of course, he’s joined and even featured in the Puma. Kit unveiling ceremony.


  2. I have a hunch that Sanchez will become Arsenal’s greatest signing for a Striker/Forward apart from DB10 and TH14. but it shouldn’t end there. We need another true PV to guard the midfield.


  3. Len, let’s hope the rumours about Sami are true then. I don’t want to get too excited though, because, every time I get excited, I end up disappointed.


  4. For a long while, Arsenal have never made me this excited. Sanchez signing coincided with my 18-year old son’s birthday so one can only imagine what a great day it was for me! His birthday family dinner was something memorable.


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