Arsenal star considers shock retirement

Abou Diaby is set for some decision this summer.

The Frenchman is recovering from a knee injury he suffered almost a year ago, but Diaby is now considering the possibility of quitting the game according to reports from France.

Arsenal’s lanky midfielder made a bright start to last season, winning praises in the 2-0 win at Anfield in September 2012, but he soon went down with another injury problem and on his return to action in March last year, Diaby was forced to return to the sidelines again.

Indeed, that appearance against Swansea remains the former Auxerre man’s last show in Arsenal colours to date and if rumours on French radio are anything to go, Diaby’s final days may come sooner.

The Frenchman, who has suffered a staggering 35 different injuries during his time at Arsenal, is expected to decide on whether he can continue to manage the demands of professional football with his 28th birthday coming up in May.

If he were to retire, Diaby would have followed the footsteps of former West Ham striker Dean Ashton who called an early end to his career at just 26 years old following a niggling ankle problem.

With the severity of his knee injury requiring a slow and cautious return to fitness, Diaby, who will first need to participate in reserves games before joining up with the first team when fit again, is already likely to miss the rest of this season.

Since joining the club eight years ago in the 2006 January transfer window, the 27-year-old has made 178 appearances for the Gunners and found the net 19 times.

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35 responses to “Arsenal star considers shock retirement

  1. To bad, i really feel for Abou! Could have been a world beater if not for his terrible luck when it comes to injuries…

  2. Good riddance. Although he can be a star on his day, the game against Liverpool last season was an example, but that day comes once in a couple of years. I don’t see any point in Arsenal still paying those wages to Diaby when he offers nothing to them. Arsenal should have already terminated his contract and promoted someone else from the reserves, like Eisfeld, Olsson, or Aneke.

    • I hope I never had the misfortune of meeting someone as ridiculous as yourself. I bet your Tv is bigger than your bookcase. If you even have a bookcase.

    • What a stone reaction! Hashim’s good riddance is purely heartless. For a player who sustained injury in Arsenal’s colour and the best he could offer was to terminate his contract.

    • Karma has a way of dealing with that sort of sentiment buddy.

      More importantly – here’s hoping Abou fully recovers.

    • Before shining in Arsenal colors the now mercenary RvP, the brilliant Rosicky all had bad spells on the sidelines with terrible injuries. if AFC had been as heartless as you suggest these two would have had contrast cancelled! I just thought to bring a bit of perspective to Diaby and arsenal’s story. surely what message are you sending to potential recruits when you punish such a talented yet not so unlucky player for a misfortune he has no control over? in an occupation meant to bring joy to the people ( fans) surely such an artitude stinks.

      personally I would urge diaby to soldier on. who knows. rosicky once looked like his playing days were numbered. look at him now. and AFC are the better for it.

  3. Its a shame it had to be like this. He would have been top class, like ozil, vieira and santi put together if he could stay fit. He has always tried to comeback but it seems like it won’t happen. Maybe it is time. I would rather see him comeback for another team 1 day than see him in our treatment room for the rest of his career

  4. I feel sorry to Abou Diaby… No player wants to be injured. Its by mischance ma fellow gunners. I think he should try somewhere else. If he gets injured again. Then al advice her to hung boots. But he will always be a gunner in ma eyes and point of view. We love you big. Wishing U a quick recovery…

  5. A few here seem to think that terminating a contract is akin to casting adrift without compensation. It this was true then it would be heartless. But it isn’t, the player would get a pay-off of millions & the club wouldn’t save any cash!
    The cynic in me says Diaby is not going to altruistically walk away from his wages so if he does retire it’ll be after he has had every penny he is entitled to in his contract. Fair enough, that’s his legal entitlement. That’s not to say that the club has had anything approaching value from employing him. On a per game basis he is probably the most expensive player on the books!

      • It’d be highly unlikely that he is insured for anything other than definitive career ending injuries

    • yeah so you get injured working and your employer turns around and sacks you. Still it is no worries as you’re insured aren’t you and you’re getting a good payoff?


  7. It would hardly be a shock though, would it? He’s a really talented player, it’s a shame he’s had this luck.

  8. time to move on , don’t think he will ever play a full season , just one of those players that is going to be always injured , not come back from his broken leg like ramsey

  9. Football fans seem to have bad memory. Diaby has never been a top class player for Arsenal. One decent game usually foolowed by 2 average and 2 awful. He can dribble a ball past players until he meets to a cul-de-sac, no doubt about it, but his lapses of concentration cost us dearly not once. I once said Diaby was a disaster waiting to happen and got an angry reaction. That was right before ManU game where Diaby scored an excellent own goal. That was a bullet into our own net. But the more he spends on the side lines the better player he becomes in the eyes of the fans. As soon as he gets a run of games, everyone start moaning. Because Diaby in essense hs talent, but does not have brain. He is a liability in tiugh, tense matches simply because he can swith off any minute, and his desicion making is erratic to say the least. He had four or five excellent games for Arsenal. But then again ANY decent player had four or five excellent games. He is a decent player, always promising big things, but never delivering. I wish him to fully recover and have a lot of football, but preferably with some other club. This is one player that I never rated highly.

  10. I don’t agree I thought with a good run of games he was the missing piece of the midfield. Yes he was prone to mistakes but he was very good a getting past players but the final ball was lacking. Almost like a lanky stronger version of Hleb back a few years. This combination of strength and speed is probably why Wenger has kept him for so long, knowing how well he fit into the philosophy of play that is his.

  11. It always seemed to me that lots of fans had this ill-informed (& dare I say it a mite racist) view that because he bore some physical similarities to Vieira that Diaby was the second coming in the same mold but actually his playing style is completely different. Gary is nearer the mark to compare with Hleb though using the word ‘stronger’ is debateable given how easily he crocks!

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  13. Simply tragic. Such a promising player, and by all accounts decent man, having his career so recklessly destroyed by a talentless nobody thug now gaining his pay cheque from working in a call centre. Sometimes life really isn’t fair.
    I hope abou makes it back. He has a fantastic talent that should be seen at the top level. If not, hopefully he finds a way into the Arsenal family in some role.

  14. would love AD to still play an active role at Arsenal helping other players, scouting/training and being available as a part time player, for an experienced head in capital cup games only, if ever needed for a one or two years

  15. Never the less Abou Diaby will recover to his fitness, since keeping his dream on road plz arsenal funs pray for our man?

  16. Feel very sorry for Diaby because I believe he would have developed into a world class midfielder like Viera if he could stay fit, I really do. Sadly though I would not be surprised if he retired due to injury. Some players bodies simply cant take the physical demands of football.

  17. Its about time a decision was made. If true arsenal can move on and get a good big defensive midfielder rather than wait for Diaby to recover. The lack of a good big’un has cost arsenal dear in the last 7 years.

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