Arsenal fan: What shocked me about Cazorla

In the latest segment of Arsenal Fan TV’s post-match interviews with fans, a Gooner picked out something different about Santi Cazorla’s game at Upton Park.

The Spaniard, on his return to the starting eleven, showed some inspiring form to help the Gunners snatch a 3-1 victory from the jaws of defeat against West Ham.

Despite his size, Cazorla was not afraid to get involved in the dirty battle in midfield and it appears that defensive effort did not go unnoticed by the crowd.

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24 responses to “Arsenal fan: What shocked me about Cazorla

    • stop complaining about his position,his natural position is actually wide player,he play most of time RM for villareal, he play on the wing for spain, he was move in more central position when he move to malaga by pelligrini

  1. Carzola played fantastic football for the first time this season. But will he remain consistent? If so then it will be nice for us arsenal fans.

  2. Mr. Wenger must take notes that Cazola plays best when he is in the middle of the park rather than westing his talent on the left wing, think of how he played last season, if you clearly get time to check back on last season’s games when he was most brilliant he played in midfield, Ramsay’s injury is a blessing for Cazola to get the midfield role and you will all see how it will will finally workout when they link up with Ozil.

  3. hahahhaa are u drunk?? get ozil a world class clinical striker..en u will knw his wizardly..he z alwayz picking up girould..but that fool is alwayz a dissapointment..sign costa en the trophy z in our hands for sure…@xabi jack

      • Giroud is a consistent failure my grandma would outshine dat clomsy lazy player, look at Walcot n Podolski who just return from injuries doing fantastic.

  4. Hahaha Carzola is out of his self-imposed trance. Since the arrival of Ozil, he has been so star-struck to a point immobility. He is coming out of it now and his excellent performance should lift Ozil, Ramsey, arteta and Wilshere’s around him. We need him

  5. Wenger should notice now when nd where nd time a player should involve in a gamen, like Cazola performance in WHam game d guy perform wonderfully well in dat CM nd now Podosky is available is better we him put him in dat position

  6. Why you people blaming the players , you have to blame your clueless manager , he doesn’t know how to play with the big team, he always play the same formation with all the team,

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