Suarez in Arsenal home kit – Christmas wishes, Gooners?

Happy Holidays from Red London to everyone who has been fortunate to see out the year 2013 thus far.

While we are in the generous mood of Christmas today, it is also worth knowing that the January transfer window is only days away and some of our own wishes could be granted in the transfer market.

My wish is Luis Suarez as a new Gunner. What is yours? Diego Costa?

Please leave your thoughts and wishes below.

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19 responses to “Suarez in Arsenal home kit – Christmas wishes, Gooners?

  1. Any 1 of them but, we just make plead 2 Mr winger 2 spend big money in January. Up Gunners Happy Xmas.

  2. Looking at what Suarez is doing to the premier league all season you would have to wonder what he could do with Wilshere, Ozil and Cazorla behind him feeding him more chances. Wenger never replaced Bergkamp or Henry, Suarez would replace both of them and is worth Wenger bidding £80m to test the water.

  3. Get a grip wankers,None of use our even BRITISH !!! Just shows the way your club has fallen ;-) The BMP will have these fuckers out of our country soon enough !!! NON BRITISH CITIZENS OUT ASAP,where being overrun with Eastern Europeans & F*cking Africans ;-(

    • This comment was a bot harsh, and from my experience, the men who complain about the foreigners are the ones who don’t make an effort in their own country themselves!

    • foreigners are the reason why the EPL is the number one league in the world, and WATCHED all over the world. you don’t know how much we pay to watch it, you racist bastard. This is the typical attitude of some of the british refs. they are so against Arsenal, as typically displayed by that excuse of a ref during chelskis game. anyways. am waiting to see Gedion Zelalem play for Arsenal 1st team. i just can’t wait!!!

    • Hahahahahaaaa! What a cock. You’re BRITISH and can’t even write your own language properly. You illiterate moron. I’m BRITISH and ashamed we have little minded scum like you hiding behind a computer screen showcasing your stupidity. Bet you’re some broke idiot with no ambition or future anyway so continue to wallow in your own stupidity.

    • instead of being a racist fucker, educate urself and know that those “non brits” are the bone and economy of your country ! go to the pub or something and drink away ur sorry paethetic ass. RACIST ASSHOLE

  4. we all wish the same but in vain,let’ look at more realistic option like costa. however Lewan’ski would also not hurt!

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