PICTURE FAIL: Suarez moved to Arsenal already?


Yesterday brought us four more reasons why Arsenal’s summer pursuit of Luis Suarez was worth the try.

The Uruguayan netted a stunning quadruple which looks better after every replay against Norwich City to attract more transfer suitors around Europe.

And as if the sight of Luis Suarez’s name being associated with Arsenal had been forgotten, an error in FOX Soccer’s round up of Wednesday’s Premier League action could resume the gossiping over last summer’s classic saga which culminated in a £40 million plus £1 bid being rejected.

With celebrity Gooner Piers Morgan demanding on twitter that Arsene Wenger makes a move for the league’s top scorer in January, Suarez making history for Arsenal is some dream for the Arsenal faithful.

But according to FOX in the snapshot below, that is already a reality.

suarez arsenal fail

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49 responses to “PICTURE FAIL: Suarez moved to Arsenal already?

  1. Arsenal management shld look else where because saurez is goin nowhere.He’s a player of all nd God specially made him 4 liverpoolfc.

      • Might go ;-) BUT IT’LL BE A WORLD RECORD FEE ;-) And it won’t be to a club who haven’t won anything in 8 years ;-) pmsl

    • Oh, dear you are in for a BIG FALL. Shame I don’t know you in real life ’cause I’d love to rub it in your face when he’s no longer at LFC

  2. I like Suarez vEry mch bt I dnt thnk Arsenal will pay for him cz he will b expensive n I thnk they shud go ol out 4 Lewandowski !! Some1 who we knw is cheap in Jan.

  3. morgan is right,if liverpool want 50M,60M,any amount.Pay it because no amount is too big for suarez.If you fail go for pato and why reducing the money to 6.5M,the 10M is ok to spend on a player like pato.Wenger act fast and please don’t fail us.

    • £50 or £60 Million HAHAHAHAHAHA PMSL Liverpool want a WORLD RECORD TRANSFER FEE !!! £90.000.000 Million Pound ;-)

      • You would be lucky to get 70!! If he doesn’t go in January, he will be gone when you fail to get into the Champions league…AGAIN!!

  4. if liverpool fans truely love luis suarez de should wish him well. He is bigger than Liverpool. he needs an influential coach, not rogers.

  5. suarez in arsenal wit dis present arsenal squad,all other premiership club are finished.gunners till i pai

  6. suarez is in bondage coz of talent and signature. His destinition shd be Emirates coz Madrid has done wat they wanted; a world record signature in Bale… No more record breakers for Madrid.

  7. Please, as for me any striker that is coming to us should train with the team on 2nd of January 2014, don’t let Suares pursuant delay us, there is many option since their coach is not willing to let him go to a club of his choice. The pattern of our play is bettered suited Benteke which is an asset if we went for him.

    • Suarez has zero intention of going to ARSE-ANAL anyway !!! It was just a ploy to get Madrid to bid PMSL ;-) Deluded idiot…

      • Suarez will go to Madrid, end of story. Benzema will come to Arsenal, Liverpool will be left with Sturridge while looking enviously up at Everton. Liverpool are incapable of attracting the worlds top players while they cant even get into the Europa league! This is not the 80′s you half-witted knuckledragger, get over it

      • Snowman, Liverpool already have hone of the worlds top players, so its a bit meaningless saying we can’t attract them, and only for the recent arrival of Ozil and current form of Ramsay (remains to seen if it will last), Arsenal didn’t have any.

      • Jed could u plz enlighten us on these “world class” you claim to have at liverpool as cant think who u mean mate

      • Seems to me that you haven’t been able to shake off the 2 0 result yet. I don’t blame you though, liverpool were outplayed and outclassed. maybe next time

      • Bitch please! Suarez is so much interested in arsenal and would warmly welcome a move to emirates cuz arsenal are way so bigger then the shitty looserpool side of merseyside. Only to be stopped by the football twats”loserpool board”. Cuz they know they’d feeding their usual big punishers”gunners :P” *2-0*. And besides,I personally don’t want that silly cannibal racist shit-eating Latino at arsenal! I would go in for someone gentle like Lewandolski or Costa.

      • Deano, you silly fool, every club is in the shadow of some other club, its a poor argument.
        You used to say it to utd but can’t anymore so turn to some other club. It’s pathetic and you are on an Arsebal blog, your team is running out if puff, Everton will overtake you again so please shut up you have nothing to stand on in argument. History is great but what will it win you this season?
        COYG. The time us now, not 25 years ago, 8 years ago 51 years ago etc

      • Hants,, you can’t think who I mean, mmm I’ll give you a hint, he’s the the player this article is all about, you know the player at Liverpool that is better than any player that you have at Arsenal and that’s not meant as an insult to Arsenal you have a couple really top notch players, its just true that Suarez is better than any of them.

  8. I argee with deano suarez will stay at merseysides second best team, a team like deano living off past glories, a team that has never won the premiership and plz dont carp on about how many 1st division titles they won hudderfield won that too

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