Swansea and Arsenal fail to make agreement over £8 million deal

ashley williams and cazorla

Arsenal may be forced to end their pursuit of Ashley Williams unless they improve their approach for the player.

Despite claims by tabloids at the end of last month that the Gunners were on the verge of agreeing terms for the transfer of the player, Swansea  City’s centre back is now set to remain with the Welsh club after a breakdown in negotiations to sell him.

Williams’ representatives were reportedly contacted by Arsenal recently for the first time since the Gunners last failed in their attempt to lure the defender to London during the January transfer window.

But even though the 28-year-old has made it clear that he would prefer a switch to the Emirates stadium, Swansea City football club have now declined an £8.3 million proposal from Arsenal.

The Swans have also made it clear that they will only consider a bid above £10 million while manager Michael Laudrup has reiterated that Ashley Williams is happy at the club.

Speaking before his summer holidays recently, Williams was coy over his own future.

“I play my football for Swansea City and now I’m just going away and looking forward to a holiday,” Williams said

“I’ve said before, I’ll take it (Arsenal rumours) as a compliment, it means you’re doing your job well. I’ve done that this time, I haven’t looked too far into it.”

Arsenal will now have to plot a better bid for the defender if he is ever to be given up by Swansea, but the Gunners may not be the front-runners to secure the services of Williams anymore after new Everton manager Roberto Martinez was linked with a move for Williams, whom he signed from Stockport five years ago when he was in charge of the Welsh side.

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49 responses to “Swansea and Arsenal fail to make agreement over £8 million deal

  1. I knew it,! And gazidas says arsenal got money to splash, lol same old story kinda used to it will be fighting for 4th spot again the rate arsenal is going in the transfer market

  2. if arsenal are not ready to buy players let them be silient,all we hear is arsenal has money to buy big play since 8 year some old story every season.

  3. Arsenal has big money to spend, wen re dey goin to spend d cash, if dey re not ready to sign dey should keep shot dia mout, wenger nd d borad re stupid, dey re d problem behind arsenal 8yrs trophiless, other club dont make mout but dey re signin good players every day, even Morinho dat came to chelsea just last week has sign players, idiot set of people

  4. Arsenal problem is the board , i see no reason they are making every yr , 2 get big will be there problem .

  5. dis set of diciver hv started their antics, its hai time dey leave d club b4 total distruction.

  6. I don’t think Arsenal is really interrested in Ashley Williams!
    It’s just a media hype, he just isn’t good enough for Arsenal.

    • if ashley williams is not good then SQUILLACCI SYLVESTER etc that wenger signed previously are good

  7. is arsene wenger and the board ever serious;they claims there money,they shd spend it on quanlity players and win something next season,we were tired of all wenger and board noise.

  8. to bad

  9. Some people just think its that easy….8.3 Mil to 10Mil its 1.7Mil difference… It looks small when we write it as 1.7 Mil but when we write it as 1,700,000.00 now thats alot of MONEY!!!! so in my opinion, people who says just pay the damn 10Mil and get him, i think they are thinking its 10 dollars and 8.3 dollars to the diff is only 1.7 Dollars!!! gosh, some people just cant think, even if we do have the money to spend, will we spend that much??? think guys, thats what the board and Wenger is thinking as well i guess…. just my 2 cents opinion….

    • we lost players like MATA HAZARD CAHILL TO CHELSEA just cos of a few million pounds and they have gone to help chelsea win CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND EUROPA CUP within two years ARSENAL BOARD AND WENGER KEEP DECEIVING ARSENAL FANS

      • Well you do have a case… But I just gave my opinion… Whether Arsenal wins the Champs League/Bpl/ any other cups, Or they never win, I am still behind my team… You have said it by your self… A couple of MILLIONS extra!!! It’s not a couple of dollars!!! Hope you get what I mean… I do not know how to rephrase this…

  10. You guys r forgetting sumfin here… Gadazi said n I quote “We will sign players dat r gud for the club” meanin they r not ready τ̲̅ȍ spend. People say sign dis player sign dat player. Trust ºмế wenger might not sign dis transfer market untill deadline wen its cheap n wen there’s no quality player τ̲̅ȍ sign he”ll den sign a dead-wood.

  11. At the rate Wenger is going,don’t expect anyone to move to Arsenal.He has his own price for a player and he has many years managing a football club. But that doesn’t make him the Gof of football.
    A football manager is judged on results. Assuming he doesn’t get anyone and the gunners can challenge,all will be forgotten.The problem will arise in spring when the gunners traditionally choked.By then a season will have gone and indeed the gunners could finally lose their cl status,which is not an entitlement but must be earned on the pitch through winning games.

  12. Wenger and the board are the problem of the club they are doing their own business and they hate the fan what a wicked souls are they

  13. I don;t know why you guys ever thought 8m would cut it. The rumoured price at the Swansea end has always been 12m, but in any case the Chairman has never wanted to sell. This is part of the rumoured split between the club and Laudrup’s agent. Anything the Arse may have heard from Tutumlu can safely be forgotten. What really looks bizarre from this end is that you expect to ship out one of your dodgy centre backs for 15m and replace with better at not much more than half the price. Dream on! Perhaps you need to find a small club that needs to sell.

  14. Is this guy really worth the 10m? Not just spending the morning but spending it on the right player. IMO he is just overrated.

  15. I’m not sure what the source is here, but Williams is not worth more than 8m. Kos was 10m, and he’s both a better player and was also much younger (now a French intl).

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  17. I wouldn’t pay 8,10 or 12 mil for williams, we already have to CB’s with better attributes than him and he ain’t gonna want to sit on the bench, save the money for other players…decent players that could one into the starting lineup and make a difference.
    The transfer window ain’t open till july anyway.

  18. I discovered that arsenal chairman and other board members are noise makers, they should keep quiet and remain a feeder team to even tottenham football club. If arsenal are tottenham bale could have been sold, but even now tottenham are not ready to listen to any offer no matter how much bid is made on bale, i love tottenham more than arsenal, those responbile should be sacked not minding who. Instead to arsenal are still buying tenagers what a hell of club is this, no arsenal who is up to £40m in the market

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  20. We have money to spend yes….but the more people (media) hype over it the more clubs place more money on overrated/average players. Have you guys ever thought about things this way. Transfer window opens in June. No player can be registered to a club till July 1st so why would you want to sign a player before then to pay him 6 weeks of dead wages when that 6 weeks wages can be the difference in signing another player? Food for thought.

  21. arsenal are shit.. never put money up and will only ever compete for 4th! soon to be out of that mark my words.
    and whats wrong with half the peoples comments on here?.. write so people can make sense of your gibberish.

  22. I think is time for this rubbish board member to withdraw & allow to do his job.Because they remains the problem of Arsenal lack of spending big in transfer market.

  23. If the report is true its just typical of arsenal as Mr Wenger will not pay a penny more of his valuation for a player. He may have £70 million to spend, but he prefers to spend it buying young players he can nurture rather than experienced players. What price another 4th place scramble this next season?

  24. Well,i guess arsenal might just be an architect of their own problem,but thats not enough reason why we should bid for williams.come on,i play better than this guy.

  25. the board just want to sell tickets. When they’ve sold them all, then the excuses about the signings will arrive. And I think it won’t be Wenger this year. It will be the other clubs.

  26. Arsenal became theundisputed “home” of dead-wood after 2005. How else can one describe a club masquerading with playing staff like Sqillaci, Andre Santos, Vassiriki Diaby, Neves Denilson, Andrey Arshavin, Nicky Bendtner, Marruane Chamakh, Park Chu Young, Vito Manone, Carlos Vela……the list goes on?! How about a “manager” like Wenga who celebrateted winning the fourth spot at St. James Park more than Bayern Munich who snared an epic trebble? So Wenga himself if the nucleas and chief dead-wood at Arsenal. Then there is also Gazidis – what the hell is wrong with these men? How can they continue bleating and ranting about “spending big” while other EPL teams that are stronger than Arsenal them are creaming off the best talent on the market? The “wenga-holics” out there may jump to the defence of their little man but you dont need eight years of cob-webs in the trophy cabinet to know who the real “dead-wood” at the Arsenal is!! Did i hear that Gazidis (the other” dead-wood” ) is offering a new contract to wenga (the main “dead-wood”)?

  27. I am fed up wit A wengee transfer policy, we keep on hear speculation or the time, is it until when the transfer window is about 2 shot down before he we sign, arsenal r the bext club who speculate new about signing a play, I remain gunnas for life?
    Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  28. What the hell is le prof doing?,for God’s sake arsene dont miss out the opportunity of getting a replacement of sol campbell,add some pounds puddy!

  29. Everyone talks here about unlaid eggs … the transfer season has NOT EVEN OPENED YET. It’s only on 1st July – so do you all really expect AW and/or Arsenal will be able to make any statement for anything officially ??
    Stop dreaming, wait for mid July (give 2 weeks time after season opened) and then start complaining if you wish. But please stop all muttering and mumbling, moaning and groaning about things that simply can’t happen yet.

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