Is this Wayne Rooney’s twitter hint of Arsenal transfer?


The ‘Wayne Rooney to Arsenal’ gossip once appeared wide of the mark, but recent developments are beginning to bring the want-away Manchester United striker ever closer to the Emirates stadium.

Take into consideration Ivan Gazidis’ admission that the Gunners are no longer a cash-strapped club along with this little incident on twitter and everything may start to make sense.

Exactly a week go, Wayne Rooney sent a tweet at Jack Wilshere over hoping to team up with the Arsenal midfielder. Now whether the United striker meant it to be with the England squad or not is unclear, even though he knows very well that Wilshere is currently out of action after ankle surgery.

But what makes this more interesting is the fact that Rooney decided to delete his tweet moments after publishing it.

You are free to make your judgements…

rooney tweet

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112 responses to “Is this Wayne Rooney’s twitter hint of Arsenal transfer?

  1. Wayne Rooney needs Arsenal and ARSENAL NEED WAYNE ROONEY!! No shame in admitting it . A multi-trophy winning player at the peak of his powers in a hugely talented team that has no experience winning trophies. Our boys are nearly there trophy-wise using the organic route but with Wayne years of learning could be cut to mere months with someone with the experience / knowhow right there on the pitch with them. An its good for England cos some of her most important players already play at Arsenal

    • I cant belive all you dick heads. How can you think this plonker has anything to offer arsenal? He does’nt give a rats ass about a club thats won him title after title?!!! Why would he give a shit about arsenal? Wake up and smell he coffee or the silly season taloid crap.

      • Yeah at first glance u have a point but you rushed into slating us off without considering why rooney wants out…. let me help…utd brought in van pussie and made him the main striker after all the years of rooney helping utd win trophies.. and now that moyes has taken over (who sued rooney) that was the last straw… im sure rooney has a point to prove. Hopefully he will at arsenal.

      • piss off mate, we dont care how it comes, how did Van Pussy repay us for keeping his injury prone ass all that time ? he just left!! we dont care why roneey wants to come, we care he comes

  2. This will be a sweet revenge if this is true. Sure 20+ goals striker. If he comes to Arsenal he will be the next season’s top scorer.

    • Sure he will..if there will be no more RVP, Suarez, Bale, Ba and Benteke in the EPL. Anyways its ok to dream

  3. With rooney all trophies are possible, so get him now if you have the money mr gazidis or uncle wenger

  4. No way jose. This will never happen. A big con by the arse. They can’t afford him and he would never come to the arse.

    • So does that apply to you? I is always capitalized when referring to a person. Don’t requires an apostrophe…..English is capitalized (proper noun) and a sentence usually ends with a period! Your first mistake was to say that you think…..that is clearly an oxymoron.

  5. If we had Rooney, Cesc, Jack, Santi and Theo playing together we would tear the league apart. So Rooney and Cesc would be my dream signings, with a defense mid to top it all.

  6. As a United fan, I’d have no probs selling Rooney to Arsenal. Cant see it happening though and personally i think the sun is getting to your head.

      • It wont LOL But if it does, we’ll still have RVP. The guy loves United. Defo gonna be an OT Legend

    • Agreed GB, because Rooney isn’t exactly an AFC type player but he is a real talent and at the top of his game(regardless of what happened last season) but Moyes would be crazy to sell his all-time top scorer (since 2003) to his rivals. Wenger may have ideas about transforming his attitude and approach to the game but Rooney is still a contentious player and all these blinkered gunners had better open their eyes and be careful what they wish for. That said, he could be the buy of the season…but he could also do more damage than good.

    • Guess again Rj… let me enlighten you… mr wenger really wants rooney =(arsenal) rooney wants to be the main striker = (arsenal) rooney likes the idea of playing alongside jack, walcott & the Ox = (arsenal) rooneys wife wants to move to london =(arsenal) and we can afford him = ARSENAL!

      • And Rooney wants to win trophies….let me see u put an “equals Arsenal” infront of that

      • 16 arsenal rats sittin in a lab cage playing on old Arsen Wenger’s computer somewhere in th empty Arsenal cabinet at th always gloomy Emirates stadium, n they just happened to hit th like icon without having a clue as to what th real outside world is about. Dream on dream on.

  7. Note Wenger as we know him, can’t pay that much, the old man is too stingy! Those ar just rumours, nothing alse, there is no substance that Wenger can pay £25m for a player! He must Prove me wrong!

    • You make it sound like mr wenger has to pay for the transfers from his own pocket. He can only spend what the club give him and thankfully the money is there and will be for years to come. The future’s bright the futures red & white…. COME ON ARSENAL!

      • Didnt u say th same thing last year around this time, n th year before that…n th year before that year. The future is always bright for assnhole fans…no matter how heartbroken u get the future never seems to be bright. I pity ur poor lost souls. In Arsen we Believe never to win shit

  8. He was never as good as the media made out but Rooney was and is a good player. HOWEVER, anyone paying attention can see Rooney’s heart isn’t in it any more. And even if he were at the peak of his abilities, he wouldn’t be worth destroying our wage structure over. We didn’t do it for RVP, who truly is a top level player, so why would we do it for a *relatively* average, poorly motivated one? Spend the money on Higuain or someone.

      • Funny he doesn’t have his blue verified tick on this supposingly deleted tweet , I’m an arsenal fan before you all cry

  9. Roney,fellaini will b arsl bst sighning of d dis may b a mere rumour cos we all know what wenga is up to.

  10. Really, nothing to do with renewal of ST, same old spin every season, the clown Wenger is incapable of spending 70 million, no-one big is coming in, more French rejects and kids, that’s his ambition. Next season will be the same, fighting for fourth spot

    • When was the last time wenger had 70mil and he didn’t spend it u plum…NEVER THATS WHEN.. hope u like humble pie because that’s whats on the menu for fans like u this season.coyg

  11. All i just need 4rm arsenal fc is renforcement @ least there is fund availble, regardless of Rooney’s temper gettin him, faillani, ashly williams with a good right back wount be a bad idea @ all then sczz nd fabnsk are still ok.

  12. As a gunner,i dont see this hapenning,but also,i could see the frustration in Man u fans and the prayer in them that it shouldnt hapen,for me thats the exciting part.But till i see him being announce in But arsenal to get rooney maroune fellani fabregas,dat wil be a killa squard.pls wenger,give us our heart desire.

  13. I think Rooney will leave to arsenal they are offering him around 200,000 a week and you can tell he hates David Moyes because of their past

  14. as a United supporter I don’t trust Rooney anymore. .. in
    all honesty it wouldn’t be the same as Utd taking RVP, most United fans won’t care if Rooney leaves where as most Gunner fans cried when RVP left which wouldn’t make it revenge @ all. Rooney’s heart isn’t @ Utd anymore so we might as well make money from him while we can.

    • I didn’t cry when Van Persie left you stupid numpty , Arsenal have sold better players than VP and survived so shut your idiotic immature mouth.

      • Well fucking said…
        no one cried for van pussie..
        The Wankstaine cunt.

      • Ofcourse u cried…you all did. I would have done th same if i were u, at United we all did when CR left. VP was ur best player at th time he left so th tears had to flow…its completely understandable. And we understand why u are all excited about having Rooney at Arsenal…u see at United he is just another player with experience…at Arsenal he would be God of all your strikers, your midfield and even some of your defenders. At United we have Chicha who can score more goals, Shinji who can take on a defender and succeed, Cleverly who has more youth and speed and so many other players who can do so many other things Rooney used to do but doesnt do anymore. So yes u had a reaon to cry which u did even though u dont want to admit it…n yes we wont cry because we can afford not to

  15. they brouk our back last season when they took roben fucking perce
    so we have to take their head to make headless
    welcome rooney with brotherhood of arsenal family
    you are better then him, and we can win every thing together

  16. He could be meaning he cant wait to play with Wilshere at United soon..maybe Jack has come to his senses afterall. I would be more alarmed about this if i was an Arsenal fan

    • Shut up u prick… the only jack utd are gonna get next season is JACK SHIT your gonna win fuck all.

  17. Deluded gooners. Hw cn u immagine such impossibility? Wenger will never pay a single player 200K/week evn if he ever buys a player 4 £30million. Bsyds, Rooney’s nt d answer 2 Arsenal’s attack woes but Cavani, Jackson Martinez, Lewandowski, Moussa Sow, Yilmaz, Benteke or Higuain.

  18. u guys take a chill pill and read wot Rooney said again. he was def referring to wilshere recovering fast enough frm his injury and returning to the Three Lions.
    in other words, he was wishing him quick recovery. pls dnt gt carried away by by the acquisition of Rooney. it just myt not happen. am a gooner too

  19. The thing is… 49 unbeaten, we play united, get kicked off the park, Utd should have 3 reds. Then Rooney dives over Campbell to win a pen.

    I, for one, can never forgive him for that.

  20. what a hulabaludous situation and a hazardous incident in Oldtrafford now the God of Gravity is about to bounce back on then they smash our R Hypocrite and now rooney wanna purnised them for doing so because it cause him his place. all United fans should let him off. Rood boy dont wanna be a Red Devil but A Red and white Gun. lol :) :) :) :) :)

  21. we cried when dennis retired, we wept when pat, henry and cesc parted company, but never did we cry for van persie, he played a season for us and could never establish himself infront of the ice man, henry or even adebayor, wait until his fibre glass legs give way next season and then you will see, what utd fans cant face up to is we may take one of your best players, your crapping it thinking we have got rooney and maybe one of your targets, no fergie no utd in my eyes lol love it

  22. What a hulabaludious incident and an hazardous moment at old trafford. Now the God of Gravitation is now ready to punished Utd. Sir alex had eating the fruit and you you fans will bear the concequenc you took the hypocrite RVp and rood boy is ready to pay you back that thins is not done that way. dont be sad its just an opposite situation dont worry next year maybe you will buy messi and the following year barca buy RVP because he is know to that lol :) the story is very interesting. abeg dont get hypertension okay? thank god sir alex is no more if not so he would have die of this

  23. Lmao, I love it when manky uniteds start getting chewy, next season is going to something else, mark my words.

  24. My dear futbol fans,all we’re supos 2 b talkin abt here is hw ur club is gona move 4wrd instd ur castin abuses on each oda..!!! Dats nt professional i must say! D point is…Rooney is nt gona b a ”Red Devil” anymore,weda or nt u lik it. Cnt rili say if he’s redy 2 b a”Gunner”too bt 4 sure HIGUAIN is gona b a Gunner!!! My SURE Arsenal summer signings are,, HIGUAIN,WILLIAMS,JULIO CESAR, a ryt back,a defensiv minded midfielder n an attackin midfielder!!!! Now my Predicted signings:: JOVETIC,ROONEY,FABRIGAS,WILLIAMS,FELLAINI,HIGUAIN,GREENIER n JULIO CESAR..!!!! Hahaha.. Dats a killer suad ryt????

  25. You lot are still so gullible and naive even after years of the master spin doctors at Arsenal!! This is all to get you muppets rushing to renew you season tickets and memberships!! That is why we keep getting sold the future and you idiots still get overexcited and keep buying a future that never comes!! It will not happen!! I will believe it when I see decent players and Rooney running out on the pitch at the Emirates Cup!!!!

  26. I can’t stand that innconsistant peice of shit he has no loyalty to his club now and we don’t want a player like that! Over rated, over priced, over paid! It’s goes against everything arsenal have been doing! We need Higuain and villa!

  27. Is really going 2 be ]|I{•–»Ɠ♡♡D«-•}I|[ new for arsenal football club if wayne rooney make is move to arsenal, ‘n’ his goona be perfect place for him 2 win something for club’ and I will really love 2 see the arsenal board 2 do something about it, 1 love arsenal I remain a faithfull gunner 4 life, see u in arsenal shirt soon rooney’s.

  28. This is just my opinion, dont get me wrong, i believe Wayne rooneys good but not worth the money and the wage, i mean does anyone really believe he will fit in with our style of play. We play like Barcelona, Manchester play like animals, we play with structure they dont. how will Rooney fit into our team. and if we get Rooney we literally wont buy anyone else thats good right now like fabregas. if fabregas joins we will still buy higuain but not if rooney joins.

    • I don’t like Rooney but i got to admit that he is intelligent enough to fit in nicely into Arsene footballing ways – without an inch of doubt. Do agree on you that Cesc + Higuain in either place to Roon…

  29. I’d love to see Wayne Rooney in the fly emirates jersey. Playing alongside with Wilshere, Santi, Walcott, Ox ,Podolski and Arteta would definitely tear the EPL apart. Rooney you’re welcome to Arsenal fc

  30. Arsenal next team

    Sagna/jenik Mert/will kosc/vermal gibbs/monreal


    Wilshere/ramsey cazorla/fabri/rosciky

    walcot/chamberlin podoliski/gervinho


  31. The deleted tweed news is certainly intriguing. But, Rather saved the salary and bring back Cesc, then Higuain and either Wanyama / Fellani or any other good DM. & let ManU have a rotten salary of 250k/week who sit on the bench half of their weekly fixtures). The big question is, is Kronke ,Ivan & Arsene have big enough dream, passion and guts to pull it off.

  32. plus we don’t need Rooney because Arsene said in prior weeks that we had already sign Messi.

  33. higuain more realistic,younger jst 25(hard 2 believe)against 27,less xpensive (100-150k per wk),against 200k+,less controversial gainst irrational temper most importantly dia is no difference in terms of quality,rooney only c arsenal as an escape route frm d heat at man utd n shld we grant him his wish he hands in transfer request 1ce tins arnt d way he envisage

  34. Quick question to you Man U fans, would Man U win titles on the exact same money reserves Wenger had in the past eight seasons? Answer honestly pls

  35. As a UTD fan I’m pretty impressed with Arsenal… they lost henry and still managed to get a top 4 spot, they lose their main striker RVP and do the same again and that deserves respect. In all honesty I’d be disappointed if Rooney left and I think UTD will struggle to replace him. I can understand why he is not happy, he chose Wellbeck over rooney for the biggest game of seaaon.. he missed FA reply against Chelsea, games I think UTD probably would have won if he was playing. I hope he stays but wish him and arsenal the best of luck if they get him

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