Guess where next year’s (2013) Champions League Final will be played….

In London. Again!

Yes, the Champions League final which you just saw Chelsea sensationally win today in Munich will return to London only two years after the English capital hosted the showdown between Manchester United and Barcelona in 2011.

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The 2013 UEFA Champions League Final which will be held on May 25, 2013, will take place at Wembley Stadium, London. Therefore, it will be another ‘Road To Wembley’ theme for the upcoming campaign and yet another reason for the Gunners to gun for that European crown.

Arsenal are yet make fond memories from visits to the ‘new’ Wembley Stadium though. Arsene Wenger’s men have lost 2-1 on the two occasions (2009 FA Cup semi-final vs Cheslea and 2011 Carling Cup Final vs Birmingham City) they have visited that ground, but if the Gunners were to make it all the way to the Champions League Final next year, could it be third time lucky at Wembley?

Who knows!

Until then, let’s await the draw for the 2013/14 Champions League group stages in August with some comfort, since for once, the Gunners will not face another nervy qualifier to ensure their participation in Europe’s elite competition.

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38 responses to “Guess where next year’s (2013) Champions League Final will be played….

  1. Saw the headline and assumed it was going to be at “the emirates”, this being an arsenal blog and all. Oh well it’s wembley………..yeiy.

    • Having it at Wembley is as close as we can ever have it to the Emirates. You can literally walk from the Emirates to Wembley.

      Arsenal for 2013 UCL title! Come on you Gunners!

  2. Our club is fucked bcus of tranfer policy,sorry mate cnt c us wining anyting if we are stil going lyk dis.

  3. We are going to have to qualify it seems because of chelsea winning it. They get the automatic berth.

    • No qualifiers for arsenal, all 4 English clubs straight into group stages. This been confirmed many times and is on

  4. It simply aint worth winning anymore since the Chavs nicked it late last night.Forget your Obsession Arsene and concentrate on something actual achievable

  5. Out of the many word class stadiums in europe for the final Uefa once again go for a ground that held it last year? Are Uefa running out of locations as i can name atleast a dozen grounds including the emirates that are itching to have the final….

    • No it’s beacuase UEFA raked in huge amounts of money from the Wembley final. They were able to charge huge ticket prices and we all bought them, so they’re going to do that again.

      The Champs league is now purely a cup competition, just like the league cup anyone can win it – not necessarily the best team. The fact Liverpool and Chelsea won the cups this year shows this. Teams who are 6th and 8th in the league are clearly not the creme de la creme, but they are able to raise their games mentally and tactically for a one off.

  6. The only downer is that wembley success escapes us season in season out. Are we jinxed or what?.

    Remember the chelsea fa cup semi final and the carling cup final?……..bollocks!
    Hope it goes our way this time though.

  7. .Untill le boss bring in capable players and good back ups no mediocre players like chamakh,park,jekingson,ramsey.we need fighters like giroud,mvilla,van de weil,belhanda.then we will be worthy winners.wenger to stop giving the fans stress on his best players every summer!!

  8. When will the board and manager hear the cry of arsenal fans we’ve been dressing our wounds for the past 7-8 yrs and yesterday was an agony for many GOONERS.Even our formal players are now making fun of us and we’ve become the laughing stocks.oh it hurts to be a GOONER.something needs to be done and it must be done now.

  9. ”Arsenal wil win their own champions league and rub the face of haters on it”.. Chelshit chapions league trophy is a wake up call and challenge on management, manager, players and the fans @ large to fight for our own CL!.. No feeling of jealousy!..@least we stil have lot of laugh against ”spoil fc”(spurs) for their relegation in to europa league!..common gunners for next season, it starts now

  10. final @ wembly? it means no champ trophy nxt yr cos any club dat play final @hom usualy case ws 3rd yestday after roma,man utd.wel,may b we gona break d jinx.UP GUNNERS

  11. With Wenger in charge, forget about the CL, we only make up the numbers, with our ropey defence we could never defend a lead, so we need to be realistic, group stages or last sixteen, the same with the PL, forget about that and the lack of respect for the CC and FA Cup that the dictator shows. We will listen to all that spin from the dictator how we will compete, it’s nonsense, we are three to four players from winning a trophy. The board are happy as we made the CL, money talks at Arsenal not trophies, we are a business, and even with the new laws coming in, the big clubs will find a way around it while we sit on our laurels and Wenger will spout his rubbish about the tippy tappy football being the way forward without a plan b. Wenger is not the man to lead Arsenal any more and next season with be the same, defeats against lower teams, weak defending, no bottle and no heart and more spin from the dictator. One signing isn’t enough and the RvP matter will go on and on and we will probably lose him. It’s a sad state of affairs but the way this club has become in it’s treatment of fans as customers, deadwood players on excellent wages, poor performances, a steady decline in defending as we keep conceding more and more goals every season. A youth policy that has failed to materialise, I sent my ST back last year after 25 years as I feel we are getting shafted every season, now the silvers have increased by 70%. We need a change in management, don’t tell me Arsenal fans will be happy with another shambles of a season we have had for the last six seasons, embarrassing defeats, poor football and no idea about defence. It’s not the players, it’s the dictator with his flawed tactics, poor formation and poor decisions. The writing’s on the wall, persist with the dictator and his failed methods, our goal to finish above the Tiny Totts and finish in the top four, what a fall from grace. Now I await all the comments from the AKB

    • Well said mate. Agree 100%. One other thing bring back David Dein, poo no wait Liverpool are snapping him up, sounds familiar, an other person arsene/arsenal misses out on!!

  12. arsenal for cl not going to happen.bcos arsene and the arsenal boards have change their goals from winning cups to making next season arsenal again will be fighting for their personal cup.The 4th place to qualify for the cl.sorry gunners fans.and again i feel chelsea arre the best team in london .they have all the cups.arsenal is no longer the big team again.

  13. Randy, What did you mean …” since for once, the gunners will not face another nervy qualifier to ensure their participation…”. Excuse me! In the last 14years, or so, Arsenal has qualified directly for the group stages so many times, only going through qualifiers on a couple of occasions.
    It is on the .com site; all 4 English sides in the CL go straight into the group stage.

  14. It wouldn’t be difficult to miss Wenger. We missed so many best players. Now they are all against arsenal surprisingly. Every of these players are not wrong. They are saying something. “Arsenal is not a genuine football club. There is something wrong in it.” I think, It is better to listen what Veira said instead of what wenger plot.

  15. Paul B: couldnt have put it any better myself.Agree with every word.Wenger has lost ths plot.,well he did ages ago.Massive change from top 2 bottom is required for the club to challenge again.In Arsene we used to trust..Dont anymore

  16. If Arsene is only interested in pretty soccer and finishing third,the gunners better get someone else.This new guy who shd be willing to win ugly is just the right person .We have seen many gamesand trophies won by anti soccer.

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