46 responses to “In support of Aaron Ramsey

  1. Poor lad… This game today has shown the worst and best parts of football and even after winning 3-1 you dont feel like celebrating, feels like a family member almost got killed.

    I am so proud of these players, to win that game in those circumstances, I beleive we might have won the title today.

  2. just watched it on tv and agree with Alan Hanson- don’t think it was intentional at all……..but sorry to see a young player so badly hurt. Wish Arron a speedy and full recovery.

  3. Tragedy for Aaron – hope he can recover. Massive loss also for Arsenal and the game in Wales. The tackle may not have been intentional, but it was reckless and badly mistimed.

  4. Poor kid. I Cant help wondering If Wenger considered Ramsey to be a ready replacement for Cesc, should Spain proved to be irresistible this summer, and was therefore prepared to let him go. So much for that now of course.

  5. get well soon Aaron ramsey,may almighty Allah strengthen your leg soon,we all love u.u are a great guy and a future best midfielder

  6. I was furious to see another leg break happen to us again and feel very bad for Ramsey, the tackle might not have been intentional but it was a very dangerous one. Shawcross should at least get banned for 10 games.

  7. I can only offer good wishes and PRAYERS for Aaron. Somehow it seems that a three game suspension(rest) in these cases is not enough. WE for the third time looose a player for a long perod after a careless reckless tackle albiet no vicious intent, they loses for threes games. Not balanced . Get well soon Aaronn you will be one of the greatest. Lawrence J Beadle.

  8. He’s got a bright future. I have no doubt that he’ll work hard to get back as soon as possible. I look forward to seeing him play next season as the Gunner’s hopefully begin a title defense season

  9. Ramsy will rise again…and all d evil spawn (pulis and his mentors) will cringe at his brilliance….go Gunners! let’s winnit fer Rambo!

  10. I want to wish arron Ramsey a speedy recovery, also to let him know that as a fan of over 30 years he is one of the most promising prospects I’ve seen. Can’t wait to see you playing the Ramsey way soon. All the very best of luck in the world.

  11. I think the Managers should be held responsible on first hand for all such sickening tackles made….afterall they are the ones who plan and tell the players to implement such tactics on field…

  12. anyone listen to what the announcer said after the game?

    “A gutted win by these band of brothers” I couldn’t have said it better. The team looked possessed once they scored and it was good to see the fire in their eyes again. Sad for the reason but hopefully they can pull together and win out.

    1 down 9 more to go! Let’s not forget that Chelsea still have to play Villa, Spuds, Maure and Pool while Maure has Pool, Chel and the Spuds.

    Win out and hope that Chels drop two while Maure drop one.

    Come on you gunners!!!

  13. Just when this young fella was making his mark this happens! God what a horrendous injury! I hope we can win the league. The way we responded after what happened was a good sign that the team maintained their concentration on the game and still know we are not far behind 1st place.

    Go Ramsey!!!

  14. This gesture is very gracious,and is the least we as supporters can do to wish Aaron a full and speedy recovery.In reviewing the incident,it does not appear that the tackle was ill intended,however,players,coaches,referees,and the football administraters,must do all in their collective power,to minimise,if not eliminate these kinds of vicious tackles.Get well soon my youth.

  15. By no means do I feel that the leg break was intentional, but I feel that the intent, that being to rough up Arsenal players into submission has long been a trait carried out by teams within the EPL! Funny how when we used to have players who could fight to play our brand of football we were critisised for our over zelous approach via the media Arsene Wengers red card count, how many red cards have Stoke had since they entered the EPL? Nine!Shawcroft has history of committing 3 nasty injuries on fellow professionals including Abu Diaby last season, which took him out for 3 games and Francis Jeffers 3 seasons ago!Last season they injured 3 of our players in one game.
    I don’t recall Steve Bould, Tony Adams or Martin Keown breaking any ones leg? Although I do remember Tony breaking Stephen Murrows collar bone,,,,by accident.I don’t mind teams making us fight for the right to play our football,however, I do mind it when it goes to such an extent that wild wreckless tackles prevail over good artistics defending.

  16. Yeah, get well soon lad.
    And to hell with intentional, someone shoulda broke that fucker’s nose on the spot. Take the red, send the message.

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